BeagleBone Companion Board


BeagleBone Companion Board can be stackovered with TI Cortex-A8 BeagleBone board on it's P8&P9 extension headers. Expanded features: Audio input/output, Nand Flash, UART1, RTC, PWM Beeper, User buttons, LCD interface, LCD Backlight control and Touch screen interface.



Hardware Features

Interface and Resource

256MB Nand Flash(K9F2G08)


RS232 serial port(UART1 w/ CTS&RTS)


Stereo Audio Out


Micro-phone In


USER Buttons


PWM beeper


RTC with battery(DS1302)




LCD backlight(PWM dimmable) controller


4-Wires Resistive Touch Screen


Expand Interface

46-Pin 2.54mm Beaglebone Headers




4 Layers


113.5(mm) x 88.0(mm)

RoHS Compliant


OS Support

Linux 3.2(TI SDK with Qt/E

Windows Embedded Compact 7.0

Android 4.0.3 ICS


Software Features

Linux(TI AM335x-PSP
Bootloader U-Boot v2011.09 Boot modes supported: TF/Nand Flash
Kernel UART0 Supported
UART1 Supported
UART2 Supported
Ethernet Switch Supported. Feature IEEE1588 not supported yet.
I2C0 Supported
I2C1 Supported
McASP0 Supported
EDMA Supported
Timer0 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Timer1 Supported (Schedule Tick)
Timer2 Supported (Clocksource)
Timer3 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Timer4 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Timer5 Supported (CPSW Interrupt pacing)
Timer6 Supported (CPSW Interrupt pacing)
Timer7 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Watchdog timer Supported
RTC Supported
eHRPWM0 Supported
eHRPWM1 Supported(as LCD backlight control)
eHRPWM2 Supported
eQEP2 planned
eCAP0 Supported
Touchscreen/ADC Touchscreen supported, Raw ADC not supported.
MMC/SD0 Supported
MMC/SD1 Planned
GPIO Supported
USB0 Supported
USB1 Supported
GPMC (NAND) Supported
LCD Supported
CPU Idling Planned (only ARM WFI supported currently)
Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) Supported
DeepSleep0 Supported (Suspend-to-RAM)
GPIO keypad Supported
File System UBI/JFFS2 Supported
Qt/E Application Matrix GUI Provides an overview and details of the graphical user interface (GUI) implementation of the application launcher provided in the Sitara Linux SDK
Multimedia Provides details on implementing ARM/Neon based multimedia using GStreamer pipelines and FFMPEG open source codecs.
USB Profiler Supported
ARM Benchmarks Supported
Display Supported
Cryptography Provide details on how to implement cryptography through use of OpenSSL and various example applications.
QT Demos Supported
Web Browser Supported
System Settings



WEC 7(TI BSP_WINCE_ARM_A8_02_30_00)
Bootloader EBoot Boot modes supported: TF/Nand Flash
Peripheral Drivers AIC AIC3106
Backlight Supported
DMA (EDMA/SDMA) sDMA drivers that are used to automate transfers for peripherals like serial, McBSP, SDHC (MMC/SD), McSPI, DSS and Dshow Filters.
EMAC/Internal Switch GMAC
GPIO Supported
High Speed Timer Supported
I2C Supported
Keypad Supported
LCD Controller/DSS/Ducati LCDC
High Speed USB 2.0 with OTG support Supported
McASP Supported
NAND Supported
NLED Supported
Power Management Dependency on M3 firmware
PRU Supported
RTC Supported
SD/MMC/SDIO Supported
Timers Supported
Touchscreen ADC/TS
UART Supported
USB OTG ISO not supported
Watchdog Supported
High Level Drivers WAVEDEV2 Supported
KITL USB Supported
KITL Ethernet Supported
RNDIS support for USB Supported
Graphics PowerVR DDK Supported
WinCE Graphics Kit 1.2.1 (OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenVG 1.0.1 Accelerated Graphics) OpenGL ES1.1, OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG 1.0 via SGX530. Includes OpenGL ES 1.1 / 2.0 drivers, OpenVG 1.1 drivers, EGL Drivers, PVR Shell and Demos/Utilities. This driver does not affect normal 2D BLT operations within the system.
OpenGLES 1.1 Demos, Tools & Shell Supported
OpenGLES 2.0 Demos, Tools & Shell Supported
OpenVG Demos, Tools & Shell Supported
OpenGLES 2.0 Utilities Supported
NEON support in the Display Driver NEON support to basic display driver operations for support 2D graphics. Most NEON functions are disabled due to CETK failures.
sDMA BLT support in Display Driver sDMA BLT support added for 2D graphics in display driver - supported when SRC resides in Video Memory
Demos Silverlight Demo (Bounce, Carousel, Bubbles) Supported


Bootloader U-Boot v2011.09 Boot mode supported: TF/Nand Flash
Kernel Audio (AIC3106) Supported
Video Display (800x480 TFT LCD) Supported
Ethernet Supported
USB(Host and Gadget) Supported
MMC/SD/SDIO Supported
UART0/1 Supported
I2C Supported
TouchScreen Supported
RTC(DS1302) Supported
PWM Supported
Buzzer Supported
Matrix Keypad Supported
Power Management ICs Supported
LCD Backlight(Dimmable) Supported
Nand Flash Supported
File System UBI Supported
Example Applications and Demos Browser, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Music, Search, File Manager, Spare parts (developer apps)
Dev Tools, Downloads, Gallery, IMEs for Japanese, Chinese, and Latin text inputs, Speech recorder, RowboPerf
3D Graphics - OpenGLES demos
SGX OpenGL ES Driver & Libraries





Ordering Information

Part Number Part Name
NDK03001 BeagleBone Companion Board


Packaging List

Part Number Part Name Amount
NBD02001 BeagleBone Companion Board PCBA 1
NC001001 5CM FPC CABLE 1
NA001001 Mounting Package Standoff Gasket Screw 1



BeagleBone Companion Board

BeagleBone Companion Board

BeagleBone Companion Board


BeadaFrame for BeagleBone Board


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