BeadaFrame for BeagleBoard


BeadaFrame LCD Display Kit for BeagleBoard, includes BeadaFrame LCD Display boundled with a small adapter board which can be stackovered with TI DaVinci Cortex-A8 BeagleBoard or BeagleBoard xM on it's P9&P11&P13 expansion headers. Expanded features: 7" 800x480 TFT LCD, Backlight control and Touch screen.



Hardware Features

Interface and Resource


7" 800x480 TFT LCD


LCD backlight(PWM dimmable) controller


4-Wire Resistive Touch Screen






Frame Material


Frame Color



2 Layers


183.9(mm) x 117.5(mm)

RoHS Compliant


OS Support


Windows Embedded Compact 7.0

Android 2.3.4


Software Features

Bootloader U-Boot v2010.06 Boot mode supported: TF
Kernel Audio (McBSP) Supported
Video Display (V4L2 and Fbdev) Supported
Video Capture (BT656 mode) Supported
Video Resizer Only on OMAP35x, AM/DM37x
Ethernet Supported
MUSB host supporting MSC, HID and USB Audio/Video Supported
MUSB gadget supporting File-storage and CDC/RNDIS Supported
MUSB OTG supporting HNP/SRP Supported
EHCI host supporting MSC, HID(via a HS hub) and USB Audio/Video Supported
MMC/SD/SDIO Supported
UART Supported
I2C Supported
TouchScreen Supported
SPI Supported
RTC Supported
WDT Supported
Keypad Supported
Power Management ICs TPS65023 on AM3517, TPS65950 on OMAP35x, AM/DM37x
LCD Backlight Supported
LCD Supported
File System UBI/YAFFS2 Supported
Example Applications and Demos Desk Clock, Browser, Calendar, Calculator, Contacts, Gallery, GlobalSearch, Launcher, Music, Settings
D Graphics - OpenGLES demos
Adobe Flash 10 (upon approval)
TI DVSDK 4.01 for DM3730
SGX OpenGL ES Driver & Libraries



WEC 7(TI BSP_WINCE_ARM_A8_02_30_00)
Bootloader EBoot Boot mode supported: TF
Peripheral Drivers AIC Supported
Backlight Supported
DMA (EDMA/SDMA) sDMA drivers that are used to automate transfers for peripherals like serial, McBSP, SDHC (MMC/SD), McSPI, DSS and Dshow Filters.
Camera Driver Partia
Ethernet (SMSC9514) Supported
GPIO Supported
HDQ Partial
Headset Partial
High Speed Timer Supported
I2C Supported
Keypad Supported
LCD Controller/DSS/Ducati Supported
High Speed USB 2.0 with OTG support Supported
McBSP Supported
NLED Notification LED (Not supported in 3730 due to hardware conflict with DSS)
Power Management Supported
Screen Rotation (VRFB) Support/Tiler Supported
SD/MMC/SDIO Supported
SPI Supported
Timers Supported
Touchscreen Supported
UART Supported
USB EHCI Supported
USB OHCI Partial
USB OTG ISO not supported
Video In/Capture Driver (BT656 mode) Supported
Watchdog Supported
High Level Drivers WAVEDEV2 Supported
KITL USB Supported
KITL Ethernet Supported
RNDIS support for USB Supported
Video Input Modes CVBS - Composite In Support Supported
YPbPr - Component In Supported
S-Video Support Supported
Video Output Modes CVBS - Composite Out Support Partially supported (internal driver loop back only).
DVI Support Supported
S-Video Support NTSC/PAL support
DVSDK Codec Engine Supported
DMAI Supported
Dshow Filters For MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264 Decode, MPEG4/H.264 Encode, AAC decode, MP3 decode(for MP3 codec on DSP)
ASF Muxer/File Writer Available as part of WinCE OS
3GPP/MP4 Parser/Demuxer Supported
AAC Parser/Demuxer Supported
JPEG Encode/Decode Use DMAI Test code for verification
MPEG2 Decode Supported
AAC Decode Supported
G.711 Encode/Decode Supported
H.264 Encode/Decode Supported
MPEG4 Encode/Decode Supported
MP3 Decode Available as part of WinCE OS. DSP based MP3 available as separate download.
WMA9 Decode Available as part of WinCE OS
WMV Available as part of WinCE OS
AAC Decode Supported
VRFB Support in Codecs Supported in TI Codecs
Graphics PowerVR DDK Supported
WinCE Graphics Kit 1.2.1 (OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenVG 1.0.1 Accelerated Graphics) OpenGL ES1.1, OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenVG 1.0 via SGX530. Includes OpenGL ES 1.1 / 2.0 drivers, OpenVG 1.1 drivers, EGL Drivers, PVR Shell and Demos/Utilities. This driver does not affect normal 2D BLT operations within the system.
OpenGLES 1.1 Demos, Tools & Shell Supported
OpenGLES 2.0 Demos, Tools & Shell Supported
OpenVG Demos, Tools & Shell Supported
OpenGLES 2.0 Utilities Supported
NEON support in the Display Driver NEON support to basic display driver operations for support 2D graphics. Most NEON functions are disabled due to CETK failures.
sDMA BLT support in Display Driver sDMA BLT support added for 2D graphics in display driver - supported when SRC resides in Video Memory
3D Graphics VRFB Support Full VRFB support in 3D graphics framework
Demos Silverlight Demo (Olivia) Supported
Silverlight Demo (Bounce, Carousel, Bubbles) Supported

Ordering Information

Part Number Part Name
NDM01001 BeadaFrame for BeagleBoard


Packaging List

Part Number Part Name Amount
NDF01001 BeadaFrame LCD Display 1
NDK02001 BeagleBoard Companion Board 1



 BeadaFrame LCD Display Kit for BeagleBoard

 BeadaFrame LCD Display Kit for BeagleBoard

 BeadaFrame LCD Display Kit for BeagleBoard


BeadaFrame LCD Display Kit for BeagleBoard


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