Products are in Development Kits, Single Board Computers and HMI Prototyping categories


Development Kits
  • Designed for evaluation of specific processor and related peripheral chips, multi versatile development platform for various industrial applications.
  • Software support -- Bootloader and BSP(Board Support Package) included.
  • Applicable for engineering evaluation, prototyping, education and training


Single Board Computers
  • The computer boards include main processor, memories and peripherals. Rich sets of expansion interfaces, strictly compliance for industrial application, can be integrated to customer end products.
  • Pass various certifications
  • Applicable for industrial automation, instrument and testing, tele-communication, healthcare, home automation, consumer electronics.


HMI Prototyping
  • Human machine interfacing module, consists of LCD display, touch screen, backlight control and bezels
  • Applicable for product prototyping, education and training, system integration
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